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16 Unique Deck Design Ideas That Boost Home Value

covered deck

Deck designs are aesthetically pleasing and create a better space for homeowners while adding major value to the home. Adding a deck that’s thoughtfully designed and about 20 percent the size of your home will improve the livability and features of the abode.

Decks are valuable because they blur the line between inside and out, capture the view of your land, and create a comfortable outdoor room without increasing the square footage to the home itself. Plus, many homeowners get excited about upgrading worn-out finishes, materials, and surfaces.

A thoughtfully designed deck creates borders that are neatly separated and often has space for trees, shrubs, and gardens. Sometimes the deck is sprinkled with multi-color rock gardens beneath a second story, or a pergola or pavilions enhances the design, block out the sun’s rays and offer a trellis where Clematis, Morning Glory, and Trumpet Honeysuckle can cling.

Regardless of the details, it is most important to plan your deck design, so you get the most use out of the space that’s available. This begins with space planning.

Deck Planners Allow You to Explore Deck Designs, Styles, and Layouts
During a free consultation, one of the Amish deck builders will come out to your property and listen to what you want in a new deck.

The builder will look at your space, and you’ll list some of your must-haves for the design. He’ll help you figure out the approximate size of the deck, whether you want synthetic decking like Azek, composites like PVC, or hardwood like pressure treated pine, Ipe, Mahogany, or Teak. He’ll help determine the number of levels you’d like and help pick railing styles. Make sure to ask about finishing materials like fascia and skirts. Then, you’ll get a ballpark estimate of how much the project may be. deck design with pool and hardscaping

Focus on How You’ll Use the Deck
The key with deck planning is to focus on versatility and usability.

It’s useful to remember that you’re adding a new room to your home and you’ll want it to be in a haven where your family can relax. Perhaps you want a place to swim, sit by the fire, and enjoy the view of the trees and plants.

Deck planning determines which space will serve different functions. This determines the layout of your deck along with curves and angles which will make the deck feel special, well situated within the neighborhood, and complement the home’s architecture.

Before you get down to details realize it is important to prioritize the primary space for entertaining and dining as it’s usually the biggest part of the deck plan for most people.

Get the most from your project by transforming the entire space into a stylish and practical spot where you long to dine, relax and entertain.

Explain to the designer the intended use for the new space. Perhaps you want to use your deck for morning coffee, or large cookouts. Maybe you want hot tubs, pergolas, safety gates, and built-ins. If you want an intimate dining area, say so. Want a spot to grill? Speak up.

Ask what sorts of design elements would enhance your life like fire pits, a spa, a straight shot to take out the garbage or even areas for container gardens. Maybe you want to make your deck to become a threshold between the inside world and the out. Tell the designer.

deck design with pavilion and open spaceIf there’s a view that you’d like to keep exposed, tell the designer.

He can come up with alternatives to the bulky railing, so nothing obstructs the view or, so the deck gradually steps down with descending sections and platforms to be in the yard itself.

Some people choose to build a deck from Azek Brownstone with Brazilian Walnut border and a Timberframe roof that blends with a home’s exterior. Others prefer to make the deck look different and become a standout piece in the year. This photo shows an outdoorsy ambiance. When the deck steps down to meet the yard, it may feel good on the feet to have steps, pavers or stones, pavers and bricks guiding you into the grass.

A great deck plan will allow you the space on your property for enjoyable activities as well as pathways to move from one area of the deck to the other. Imagine a deck is like any other room: where will you cook, mingle, and lounge? Where will you sit, add lounge furniture, or place container gardens?

Versatile designs allow you to make changes periodically with accessories and change the flow of the objects on the deck like shrubs, swings, and Adirondack chairs. Useful designs get the most traction through space which gets you the most usability from your deck.

Thoughtful Deck Designs Made of Wood Boost a Home’s Value
Decks and patios add value to the entire house. In fact, there have been estimates claiming to add a 16×20 pressure treated deck will recoup 75-106 percent of the project’s cost when owners go to sell. wooden deck design

A deck is more than a basic floor. Structurally, it’s made of pieces like the railing, overhead structures and skirting but it’s even more than that. It’s the social hub of your home in the fall, spring, and summer. Its where loved ones eat, talk and bond. It’s a space to be. This helps sell homes because buyers can imagine themselves in the space.

This high-value addition gets the most value by focusing on wood. Although it will require maintenance, most people love a wooden deck that’s easily connected to the living room or kitchen and isn’t much bigger than the most spacious room inside the home. Keep in mind deck builders need to follow local zoning and building codes which may limit the scope of the project.

The area your where your home is located will also impact its value. In areas where people spend more time outdoors, the deck will increase buyer appeal. Plus, if it’s well constructed it will add more value.

Tropical hardwoods are more expensive than other types of wood, but they have additional benefits aside from beauty. Cumaru and Ipe and rich-grained exotic woods that are extremely durable and rot resistant.

Beyond choosing wood to boost your home’s value, little features make a big impact. The trick is not to over improve for the area. In a down housing market adding a deck can mean more money in your pocket upon selling the home.

Consider these three options to further enhance your deck design:
A deck with an outdoor kitchen may see an ROI of 100 to 200 percent.
A fire pit could reap more than 80 percent at the sale.
A pergola may add around 50 percent at resale.
Although there are many options to choose from, talk to the designer to see which would work well with your deck as it is a permanent addition to your home and can have a significant impact on your finances.