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Adding a Roof Over Your Deck – Is It Worth It?

We spend a fair amount of time driving around and we notice many different outdoor living set-ups. More and more we’re noticing decks built with a roof or a pergola, and it’s becoming more popular with our customers, too. Here are the top benefits of adding a roof to your deck.

Protection from the Elements

Perhaps one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of a covered deck is that it protects you from the elements. You’ll be able to go outside during wet spring days and enjoy your deck, while other deck owners cannot. If you’ve ever had a craving for some barbeque in the winter, you can do that now, sheltered from the snow.

Protection from the Harsh Sun

If your deck is on the sunny side of your house, it might get a little too hot in July or August to enjoy your deck for several hours. Add a roof and you’ll be shaded during those extremely hot summer days. Not only will you feel cooler, but you’ll also be protected from harmful UV rays, which cause sunburn or even skin cancer.

Increased Property Value

Decks have one of the highest return on investment percentages of any home improvement project. Adding a roof to that investment makes it worth even more. Not only will your home be worth more when you go to sell it, you’ll also get more inquiries from interested buyers because 75% of homebuyers are looking for homes with a deck.

Future Conversion Options

If you build a deck with a roof, it’s already a wonderful addition to your backyard. But, if you want to upgrade your backyard even more in the future, you can convert your covered deck into a whole sunroom pretty easily. All you’d need to do at a later date is wrap your deck with walls and finish the floors. This way, you’ll be splitting up the cost of building a sunroom

Build a Covered Deck Today

So is adding a roof over your deck worth the extra expense? Definitely. You’ll get more use out of your deck in the rain and harsh sun. It increases the value of your home. And you have even more options to further upgrade your home. Check out all the options we offer for Covered Decks here.