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Adding a Roof Over Your Deck – Is It Worth It?

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I spend a fair amount of time driving around as part of my job. So I get into a lot of different neighborhoods around the southeastern end of PA. And being a deck builder, of course I notice everyone’s outdoor living set-up. I have been noticing a lot more decks being covered with a roof or a pergola, and it makes perfect sense to me. If your deck is on a sunny side of your house, you will not be able to use it much in July or August, unless it is shaded in some way. Then you are missing the 2 best months of outdoor living. And by adding a roof, you can put some heaters on the deck and extend your outdoor living a few months into the fall and early spring.

So is adding a roof over your deck worth the extra expense? We think so. Decks have one of the highest return on investment percentages of any home improvement project. Because they add usable square footage of “living space” to your home. And if you add a roof to that, the living space becomes even more usable. Pergolas look pretty and they add some shade to your deck. And they can be outfitted with retractable awnings that keep out the rain, side curtains that add shade and privacy, and even ceiling fans and lighting. But with all that, you have spent almost as much money as you would for an actual roof. Check out all the options we offer for Covered Decks