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Designing the Perfect Pennsylvania Deck

Deciding to upgrade your outdoor living space with a new deck is exciting, and will provide your family with decades of memories. From barbecues and family get-togethers to gathering for milestone celebrations, your new deck will be a place to make memories. At Decks R Us we have been working with our customers to create their perfect deck for over 20 years, and we love working with homeowners to achieve their outdoor living dreams. We specialize in custom decks, and our options include something for every outdoor space. Let’s take a look at our custom deck options so you can build the perfect Pennsylvania deck for your home. 

Deck Flooring

We offer three deck flooring options: Azek, Ipe, and Cumaru. Each offers a unique style and a different price point to fit our customers’ needs. 

Azek Decking

Azek decking is PVC decking that is stain and scratch resistant. We have been using this product since 2004, and we love its wide range of colors, durability, and low cost. It comes with a 25-year fade & stain resistance warranty, and a limited lifetime structural warranty. In Pennsylvania where humidity is high, PVC decking is a great option because it won’t expand and contract as much as wood.

Ipe Decking

For those looking for a hardwood option, Ipe decking is as good as it gets. Ipe is Brazilian Walnut, which is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It weathers to a dark gray color if not treated, but by applying a clear oil treatment it will retain its natural brown color for years. Ipe is known as the hardest wood known to man and will cost about 20% more than Azek decking. 

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru is essentially Ipe’s little brother. It is Brazilian Teak decking, another exotic hardwood that is resistant to rot and decay. It isn’t as hard as Ipe, but still holds up to the elements and comes with a limited 25-year warranty without preservatives. If you are looking for a hardwood option without the extra cost of Ipe decking, Cumaru might be right for you. 

Deck Railings

Deck railings can offer a stylistic flair that will differentiate your deck from other decks in the neighborhood. We love getting creative with deck railings and pairing complementary colors with deck flooring. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites, but be sure to check out all of our options on our deck railings page

Radiance Deck Railings

Radiance deck railings are vinyl-coated composite rails, meaning they have thick composite walls for strength and vinyl coating for long-lasting color and beauty. They are available in white, black, mountain cedar, kona, brownstone, and slate gray colors. Black aluminum spindles complement any of these colors and are available in round or square styles. These railings are extremely durable but can cost 60%-100% more than our other options. 

Cable Railing

Cable railing is a modern and extremely popular railing choice among our customers. We love cable railing because of its transparency; the thin cables open up the line of sight from your deck so you can keep an eye on your kids or just enjoy the view. All components in the railing system are stainless steel or aluminum and can be paired with any of our decking materials for a more seamless fit.

Decks R Us Deck Railings

Did you know that we manufacture our own deck railings? We had a lot of customers requesting their rails match the color of their decks, so we began manufacturing our own railings that can color match any of our decking materials. We use matching fascia trim from vinyl decking and pair them with ¾” round aluminum spindles to create a beautiful railing and flooring match. 

Deck Steps

This may seem like a small detail, but deck steps are a great way to add a stylistic flair to your deck while making them accessible to your family and guests. The style of your deck’s stairs will be influenced by the windows and doors of your home, the layout of your deck, the home level of your deck, and the accessibility needed. 

We love getting creative in deck stair placement and style to complement the best areas of our customers’ yards and homes. Deck steps can be straightforward or an ornate statement that adds style and accessibility to your outdoor living space. 

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting adds a beautiful touch to the deck and allows you to safely navigate your outdoor space by illuminating steps and walkways. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways to use lights to enhance your deck. You can also check out our blog which is filled with ideas that will help you use deck lighting to level up your space. 

Side Mount Lighting

Side mount lights are one of our most popular lighting options and fit perfectly on deck posts, step risers, and post caps. They shine down onto the deck floor for a soft, ambient light that is both stylish and practical. They are LED fixtures which means that you don’t need to replace bulbs and they cost $80-85 per light including installation. 

Step Riser Lights

Step riser lights mount on the vertical part of stairs and cast light onto each step so you can easily see at night. They come in a variety of colors and are low-profile to prevent tripping. They come standard with LED fixtures and cost $80-$85 per light including installation. 

Post Cap Lights

Post cap lights are installed on the top of rail posts and come in sizes to fit all of our decking post materials. These lights create a beautiful ambient light that is perfect for hosting parties or intimate gatherings on your deck. They also come standard with LED fixtures and cost $85-$90 per light including installation. 

Covered Deck Options

In the hot summer months having a shaded spot to comfortably relax outside is essential to enjoying your outdoor living space. At Decks R Us we love working with our customers to choose the perfect covered deck option for them. 

Decks with Gazebos

Adding a gazebo to your deck is a great way to create a shaded area where you can enjoy your yard even on the hottest summer days. You can also enhance your gazebo with our electrical package, which allows you to add a fan to stay cool or a TV for an outdoor media room. 

Pennsylvania is notoriously buggy during the hot and humid summer months. 95% of our gazebos have screens added to them, which will allow you to enjoy your deck without pesky insects ruining the fun.

Looking to further customize your deck? We also offer a wide variety of under deck options and we love working with our customers to create unique decks that are perfect for their homes. Use our deck cost calculator to get a free estimate, or contact us today!