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Enjoy Cool Fall Evenings on Your Deck

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The hottest new thing, (sorry I couldn’t resist,) in outdoor living this year has, been adding fire pits to our decks. This makes total sense to me, I find few things more relaxing then sitting around a fire with friends and family. This will also help to maximize your deck investment by increasing the time you can spend outside. We have installed a few different types of fire pits for our customers, here are some of the choices.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

For this type of fire pit you will need a paver base under it to absorb the heat. All of them we have installed up to now have also had a paver surround. (See photo above.) This requires a good bit of pre-planning because of the additional weight. This option is certainly the most authentic and fun. But it does come with a significantly higher price tag, and can be a good bit of work depending on how many steps you have to carry the wood up.

Gas Powered Fire Pits

There are lots of choices in styles and colors of these fire pits. Most of them are made of metal, fiberglass, or some other lightweight material, and are built to accommodate a small propane tank, like you would use for a grill. So they can easily be added to your deck at any time. You may want to consider having someone install a propane line from your house to the fire pit though. They do tend to use a lot of gas, so getting the little tanks refilled constantly can be a bit of a pain.

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