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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Wrapped Composite Decking

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Vinyl Wrapped Composite is the newest type of decking on the market. We have been using the Timbertech version of it for several years. It is pretty much what it sounds like, the old composite type of decking, wrapped in a vinyl shell.

The big advantage to using a composite core for deck boards, is that it will absorb the heat better than the CPVC decking. A lot of people had concerns initially about the vinyl separating from the composite. After using this decking ourselves, and seeing the test results from it’s manufacturers, I think those concerns are unfounded.

Vinyl wrapped composite decking is a great choice for your new deck. Especially if you have southern exposure and are concerned about heat. Where CPVC decking tends to reflect heat and heat up to the point that it is difficult to walk on barefoot, the composite core absorbs the heat away from the surface resulting in less reflection and a more comfortable surface temp. It cleans easily like CPVC, but is a little softer so it may scratch easier.

Pros: Available in darker colors, low maintenance, cooler to touch

Cons: Softer outer shell, most expensive decking, fewer color choices

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