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Adding a Roof Over Your Deck – Is It Worth It?

We spend a fair amount of time driving around and we notice many different outdoor living set-ups. More and more we’re noticing decks built with a roof or a pergola, and it’s becoming more popular with our customers, too. Here are the top benefits of adding a roof to your deck. Protection from the Elements ...

Featured Decks of 2023

At the end of each year, we love looking back and reminiscing about our favorite projects; unique deck designs, relationships built with clients, and outdoor living spaces we helped bring to fruition. We have been building decks in the Lancaster County, PA and Tri-State area for decades, and we are still surprised by the ideas ...

Designing the Perfect Pennsylvania Deck

Deciding to upgrade your outdoor living space with a new deck is exciting, and will provide your family with decades of memories. From barbecues and family get-togethers to gathering for milestone celebrations, your new deck will be a place to make memories. At Decks R Us we have been working with our customers to create ...

Gazebo vs Pergola: What’s Best for Your Deck?

As you are designing and building your dream deck, you might consider adding a roof over your whole deck for some extra shade or protection from rain. It’s a costly addition but well worth it for the right family. But what if you’d like to spend a little less money? Or perhaps you’d like to ...

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Covered Decks: Boost Your Comfort and Privacy

If there is one lesson we can bring with us into the autumn season, it is to appreciate sweater weather! The heat wave that has struck many parts of the country this summer might have you considering how to add shade or cover to your new or existing deck. Whether your porch is small, medium ...

Azek deck, decks, vinyl decks, low maintenance decks, deck railings

Using Your Summer Deck Upgrade to Showcase Your Personal Style

How much time did you spend contemplating your summer garden display? If you’re like the typical homeowner, probably a significant amount. Regardless of your preference for flower and plant type or color scheme, you likely considered a range of options before making your final selection. After framing it this way, why should brainstorming deck railing ...

Holiday Deck Decor

Deck-orating for the Holidays

Decks aren’t just for summertime. All year-round, they lead your family out the back of the house and into the yard. And at this time of year, everyone hopes to find a Winter Wonderland right off the deck. Get your deck ready for the holiday season, and transform it into a cozy destination to breathe ...

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8 Stylish Covered Patio and Deck Ideas

Covered patio or deck designs enhance open-air living experiences and increase the time people spend outdoors. As such it continues to be a popular homeowner investment. As more buyers are clamoring for alfresco dining, entertaining, and family time, they search for local artisans to craft their vision. Covered Deck Ideas to ConsiderCraftsmen create outdoor living ...