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Deck Railings

Popular Deck Railing Choices

grey deck with furniture
Radiance Deck Railings

Radiance Deck Railing is manufactured by Timbertech in Ohio. It is a vinyl coated composite rail, which means it has thick composite walls for strength that are covered with a vinyl coating for long-lasting strength and beauty. Radiance railing comes standard with larger post sleeves and a thick railing profile for a very solid finished look. These railings are available in White, Black, Mountain Cedar, Kona, Brownstone, and Slate Gray colors. We can also mix and match any colors. Additionally, black aluminum spindles in 3/4" round or square are available for any color railing. Radiance rails can cost anywhere from 60% to over 100% more than vinyl rails depending on the size and shape of your deck and the number of posts. Radiance rails are a great option for your deck if you want the advantages of a vinyl rail but you want something different than the average vinyl rail.

brown deck with wire railing
Cable Railing

There are lots of things to love about cable railing, but our favorite is the transparency. If you have a nice view from your deck, or you want to be able to keep a close eye on the kids playing in the yard, this is the rail for you. And it looks pretty cool, too!

All the components of the cable railing system are either stainless steel or aluminum. The most cost-effective system that we use is done with American railing posts. With this style, the posts, top rails, and center supports could be black, white, or bronze, while the cables would be the natural silver color of stainless steel. We can also use the Feeney brand cable railing system with any kind of posts. We have installed it with Ipe posts, our custom made posts to match Azek decking and Radiance railing posts. We can use the American top railing and center supports with any of these post options, or we can custom make something to match your deck.

There are a lot of variations in price based on how many corners and posts you have so we can't give you an accurate ballpark price on cable railing, but we would be happy to give you a quote for it against any of the other railings we use. That way, you will know exactly what your options are up front.

brown deck with chairs
Decks R Us Deck Railings

We started manufacturing Decks R Us railing because we had a lot of customers ask for rails to match their deck. Azek makes matching rails for only a few of their classic colors, so we took matters into our own hands. We can use the matching fascia trim from any brand of Vvnyl decking to build these railings. While we can manufacture 2" square spindles to match these railings, we almost always use 3/4" round aluminum spindles with them. The reason for this is that it takes almost as long to make each spindle as it does to make a railing. And since there are roughly 2.5 spindles in each foot of railing, our labor costs go up dramatically. In turn, we must charge significantly more for the matching spindles. Decks R Us railings with aluminum spindles are priced in the same range as most composite railings on the market today. They can cost as much as 70% more than vinyl rails, depending on the size and shape of the deck we install them on. Our aluminum spindles are available in white, black, and bronze.

brown deck with white railing
Superior Vinyl Railings

Superior Vinyl Railings are manufactured in the heart of Lancaster County, PA by our good friends at Superior Plastic Products. They are available in White, Tan, Almond, Clay, and Black colors. All of the colors can be ordered with matching 1-1/4" square spindles or with black, bronze, white or Kona aluminum spindles.

These railings come with a lifetime warranty and are very low-maintenance. They are made of a vinyl outer shell with aluminum channels inside for strength. The top railing is a “T” shape measuring 3-1/2” across by 3-1/2” high. The bottom railing is a rectangular shape measuring 1- 1/2” across by 3-1/2” high.

These railings are a good option for anyone who has a homeowner’s association in their development. Because this style of rail has been around for years, it is approved by most associations. Want to make your deck unique from the others on the block? Aluminum spindles give you a look you won't find around the corner. They will help to set your deck apart from the rest of the decks in your neighborhood.

Also, if you have a nice view from your deck, we recommend a smaller spindle. The larger square spindles tend to block off the view, but with the aluminum spindle's smaller round design, your eyes tend to look right through them to see the view.

This is our most cost-effective railing. It can run anywhere from $40-$50 per foot, including posts and installation. The White color is the cheapest, the Tan, Almond, and Clay are a bit more and the Black color would be the most expensive. The matching square spindles tend to be a little bit cheaper, so if you choose the aluminum spindles that will add a few dollars per foot as well.

grey and black deck
Wrought Iron Railings

This modern version of wrought iron railing is actually made of aluminum. It is also powder coated for durability. It is made by Key-link Fencing in New Holland, PA and sold under the brand name American Railing. It has several advantages over traditional wrought iron. It is much lighter and easier to work with, it will not rust, and is more cost-effective. This railing comes with several different styles of spindles including round, square, or twisted. It is a great option if you want to have your deck stand out from all the other decks in your neighborhood. These rails are very sturdy and come with a lifetime warranty. The standard styles of wrought iron railing cost around 35% more than the Superior vinyl rails, and the more elaborate styles of spindles will also be more expensive.

Most of these rails are either manufactured by local trustworthy companies or they are custom-made by the crew that works in the shop at Decks R Us. There are so many things to consider when choosing a railing for your deck. Do you want the railing to match the color of the deck floor or contrast it? Do you want a shaped top on the railing or a flat top to set drinks on?  Do you want a solid privacy style railing to block your neighbor’s view or railing that allows you to easily see through it so as not to block your view of the scenery?

Over the years, we have worked with a lot of different railing systems. We like to stick to a handful of favorites that we find dependable. However, if you would like a particular railing that you don’t see listed here, please ask us about availability and pricing. We would be happy to install any brand or type of railing for you.

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