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“Truly appreciated all of their efforts”

Thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in responding.  I left for a week in Ocean City, NJ almost immediately after Elmer and the team left and I took a “real” vacation in that I didn’t check emails until I got back!

Elmer, Jerry and Tim were great to work with.  There were a few hiccups along the way – as one would expect with any job – but all were resolved quickly.   I truly appreciated all of their efforts. They were friendly, professional, and very hardworking (a particular challenge with my job, I am sure, given the extreme heat, humidity and total lack of shade along the back of my house!)

With all of the exceptions the Board approved for my deck, I was very anxious that somehow it wouldn’t look as I imagined or that it wouldn’t look like it ‘belonged’ in the community (which was the Architecture Committee’s concern).  But I think it turned out great –  it looks beautiful and while different than the other decks, it blends in very nicely.  All of the comments I have heard (and overheard!) have been very complimentary and many seem to be planning how they might incorporate them into their own projects.  (Many have asked for your contact information so you may hear/have heard from some of them!). I am looking forward to the canopy installation to complete the picture!