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“We are very pleased with our deck design & color”

Thank you for sending the updated invoice and care sheet. I will mail the balance ASAP.
We are extremely happy with the results and our experience throughout. I did write John expressing our excitement and gratitude. Daniel and his crew were extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient. They took well to any of our concerns & feedback. We enjoyed meeting them and appreciate their hard work and diligence to sufficiently use their time to complete the project. After coming upon a few set backs & obstacles with the posts & pipes, they continued at a rapid clip. Having Elmer join in on Friday & wrapping up with some of the guys from the other crew, production was swift but very well done! The weather was tricky, rain, wind & sun, but the team pulled through wonderfully. Please thank them for me. I wasn’t here when they last showed.

I will send some pictures to you and John. It’s the perfect size for us and we are very pleased with our design & color. It will bring us many years of enjoyment!