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Equipping Your Deck for Year Round Use

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You may be able to relate to the millions of households that have become more acquainted with creative ways to decorate or revise your home during 2020. One of the most popular ways to do so has certainly been revisiting options when it comes to maximizing your time outdoors, with deck and porch additions taking off over the summer.

As we approach the Autumn and Winter months, you may be wondering which steps you can take to both protect and enjoy your outdoor addition or exterior home revision. Read on to learn more about weather-proofing your deck or porch, and tips you can take to enjoy your time outside to the max!

Fall and Winter Months: What You Should Know and How You Can Prepare

First and foremost, researching and investing in a quality sealer will save you multiple headaches come snow season. Giving your deck or porch a fresh coating should help to protect your addition from harmful temperatures, ice, snow, sleet and hail. Don’t forget to check potential problem areas, where runoff or freezing might occur. This includes gutters and downspouts, which can easily become clogged and benefit from the addition of leaf guards before temperatures fall. Be sure all gutters are secure and do not wobble when checked. Cracks in external surfaces, such as window gaps, should also be caulked to prevent additional damage to siding or flooring.    

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space During Any Season: Tips for Maximizing Your Experience

One easy way to convert your outdoor living area into a prime entertainment mecca for friends, family, or yourself alike is by investing in a new deck flooring or railing style to compliment your household. Continue the cozy, intimate experience of your interior decor and themes by extending it into the fine details of your exterior home addition.  

When it comes to flooring or railings, options abound! Wooden decks can be enhanced with options such as Brazilian Teak, Cedar or Mahogany. Flash back to the 1990s with a composite look (which is coming back again!), or a vinyl capped composite which touts the newest technology in decking PVC. Not sure where to start? Contact us for assistance!

The Bottom Line: Get (and Maintain!) the Deck or Exterior Addition You Want

What’s the best way to ensure any time you spend outdoors on your deck or porch will be memorable for years to come? Invest in the ongoing maintenance of your proud addition! By taking the steps and tips outlined above and keeping up with other routine maintenance measures, like pressure washing or refinishing worn surfaces, you can bet you’ll have hundreds of fun times to look forward to.

Don’t forget that most styles can evolve along with your tastes over time. What you start out with, by no means is what you need to end up with! If you have questions about ways to make your pre-existing outdoor structure like new,or look completely different, there are solutions our team can put into place for you.

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