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Deck Restoration

If the structure of your deck is good and sturdy, but it needs a new look, you can always redeck it. Redecking breathes new life into old decks by updating the look without a complete replacement. By touching up the floor, railing, and steps, an old deck can look brand new.

Generally, redecking will save money in the long run as long as the foundation is sound. If you are thinking about redecking, mention it when you are scheduling your consultation with us. We will be happy to give your deck a once-over to make sure everything is structurally solid. Before every redecking project, we check in with the integrity of the deck before starting the process.

If your deck is good to go, you could save up to 15-20% over the total cost of the new deck.

Step-by-Step Deck Restoration Process

The first thing we do is remove all the old deck boards, stairs, and railings. If you have any flower pots, weather vanes, speakers, etc. attached to your deck railings, we carefully remove them and re-attach them to the new rails. We will take all the old deck boards and railings back with us at the end of the job. If you would like any or all of the old lumber, let us know where you would like it and we would be happy to leave it for you.

By this point, the deck framing is completely exposed and we will inspect it from top to bottom. We'll make sure that flashing is installed where the deck meets the house, and that the deck is attached properly to the house. Then, we'll inspect the deck floor joists and replace any bad ones. We will inspect the beams and posts supporting the deck prior to giving you a quote. We will let you know if any changes are needed.

We will then install blocking for the new rail posts, and a few extra joists around the edge of the deck for our picture frame border.

When the deck framing is completed to our safety standards, we'll start installing the new deck boards. All of our redecking projects include picture frame borders around the deck floor, and all deck boards are attached with hidden fasteners.

Once the deck floor is complete, we will finish up the transformation of your deck. We do that by installing the new railings, steps, and fascia trim. Fascia trim is a 1/2″ thick by 12″ wide piece matching the color and type of decking you chose. We'll install this on the deck framing around the perimeter of the deck to hide the wood framing.

If you have deck builder give you a quote for redecking, make sure it includes fascia trim and new steps, as steps tend to break apart when the railings and boards are removed. Also, because they rest on the damp ground, they will rot a lot faster than the rest of the deck. We have found in our experience that it is better to replace the entire steps.

How to Tell if Your Deck is Structurally Sound

  1. Your joists need to be spaced 16 inches on center.
  2. You have inspected it and it is rot/decay free.
  3. None of the joist sag.
  4. As a rule of thumb: under 15 years, most structures should be sound.
  5. Over 15 years, give it a thorough inspection.

We Do a Better Job at Re-Decking

Our redecking projects include the stairs, steps, rails and the deck flooring. Our jobs always include ensuring the existing framing is up to code. We usually cover the existing exterior framing with composite trim to match your new decking. Along with resurfacing the deck and replacing the rails, we inspect to make sure that it is in compliance with any of the newer codes that have come out in your area. If your deck wasn’t built professionally the first time, we may be able to prolong its life by adding a joist hanger or installing new lags into the wall.