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Parts of a Deck

Understand Your Deck

As you are designing your perfect deck, you may become confused by some of the terminology. It’s not uncommon for people to confuse a “rail post" with a “spindle" or a “stair tread" with a “stair riser." After all, these probably aren’t terms you use on a daily basis! To help clear things up, Decks R Us created a diagram that outlines the major deck components and parts to help educate our customers.

By looking at this diagram before we come out to visit you, you will be better equipped to choose your materials and design. During the quoting process, using deck terms is necessary as we pick materials, and it is important to us that you fully understand the deck you are designing.

In fact, you may want to print out this page for your reference. When hiring a deck builder like Decks R Us, it’s helpful to know some of these terms. That way, you’ll know which parts you’re referring to when you have to pick which options you’d like for your deck. More importantly, knowing these parts and components will help to ensure that we are on the same page as you are!