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Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is very popular with our customers, we install some types of low-voltage lighting on most of the decks we build. They can help to make your deck safer by illuminating steps and walkways. Adding lights to the railing posts will give you a nice ambient light for outdoor parties. We can install post lights on any railing style or type. These lights are a wired to a transformer that plugs into an electrical outlet and then converts the standard electrical current to a low voltage current. The transformers we use are all digital and have built-in photocells for automatic dusk to dawn operation. They also have other automatic settings (see the video at the bottom of the page for more info on how they operate).

We can also mount the transformer in your basement, under your deck, or anywhere you would like it hidden, reasonably close to the deck of course. We can even add an outlet for you if there is none close by. If you would like us to add outlets under your deck, on the rail posts or anywhere on the deck, ask John & Daniel about it during your consultation process. That will allow us to get the electrical permit from your township ahead of time. The transformer can also be installed to an outlet controlled by a switch inside your house. If you would like to do that, we would have an electrician come out to do that afterward. That type of interior wiring requires tools and training that our guys don’t have.

Side Mount Post, Step Riser, and Post Cap Lights

We install a lot of these 3 types of lights on our decks, and almost all of them come from our friends at Aurora Deck Lighting. They make lights that are stylish, functional, and affordable. We have found that their lights are quality and so is their customer service.

Corona & Endurance Step Riser Lights

Post Cap Lights

Insider Tips on Deck Lighting

The Vega Lights are mounted on side of rail posts and they tend to just drop light down onto the deck in a circle and give just accent lighting.

“It’s not a real bright and functioning light,” says Decks R Us John. “So if you want a stronger light that you can read by, you’ll want a Cap Light. These lights are brighter and shed light the whole way around. But here’s something else to consider: these cap lights sit on top of the rail posts, which when you are sitting happen to be right at eye level, and can tend to be a little blinding and block your view.”

Make sure you talk about these choices and all the decisions you have with us during your free consultation. Another great place to add lighting is along your deck benches.