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Under Deck Options

If you’re finding yourself wondering what to do with your under deck space, look no further. The area under your deck provides a prime opportunity to increase storage, make a patio, or create a beautiful finish to the project. We offer four cost-effective solutions.

Under Deck Ceiling System

Install rubber roofing between the deck framing and the floorboards. The water that comes through the deck is gathered by the rubber roofing, carried to the end of the deck, and flows into the existing gutter system. This creates a dry area that allows customers to create a rain-proof patio. For just $17 to $20 per square foot, we'll finish it with soffit so we can install lighting and ceiling fans while hiding wires and fixtures.

Lattice and Skirting

Add skirting or lattice to places where there’s a 2’-3’ gap between the ground and the deck to finish the look. Lattice is available in diagonal or square with 1” or 2-½” openings.

We offer two types of skirting. The most popular and cost effective is done with deck floorboards, installed vertically with ½” gaps for ventilation. The other style features 12” wide trim boards, installed vertically for a board and batten look.

We provide skirting or lattice up to 8’ feet high. The cost of lattice varies based on how high the deck is above ground. Vertical skirting costs 65% more than lattice.

All lattice or skirting is installed with an access door to reach items stored beneath the deck.

Stones and Fabric

High and low decks benefit from adding stone and fabric beneath the floorboards. It dresses up a high deck and cuts down on the mud. On the other hand, the stone and fabric keeps weeds from growing up through low decks and absorbs moisture. This extends your deck's life and slows the growth of algae and mildew.

The cost of putting down a good grade of fabric and stones is around $2.00-$3.00 per square foot, depending on stone choice. For a deck that is low to the ground, especially if you are getting lattice or skirting installed, we recommend regular grey stone. They will be at the low end, price wise. For a deck that is higher above ground, we use some type of colored, landscaping stone like River Rock. That increases the cost to around $3.00-$3.50 per square foot.