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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that many homeowners ask us during our building process. If any of you questions aren’t answered here feel free to contact us!

When can you start building my deck, and how long will it take?

What brand of decking and railing will you use?

Watch for vague terms like “composite” and “vinyl." Not all composite or vinyl decking is created equal, and there are dozens of different brands of vinyl railing on the market. Find out exactly what brand of decking and railing they will use and do some research on your own.

Do you use hidden fasteners to attach the deck floor?

All deck builders will be able to use some type of hidden fastener system to attach the deck floor. Some may have it factored into their quote, and some may charge extra. Make sure you know the potential charges before sealing the deal.

What kind of fasteners and hardware do you use?

There are specific types of hardware and fasteners that are approved for exterior use with Pressure Treated lumber. Make sure your builder is using those and not trying to save money by using cheaper stuff.

What kind of lumber do you use for the framing?

Builders should be using grade #1 or #2 Pressure Treated Wood for all of the framing. ll the posts under the deck should have an extra level of treatment because they are in contact with dirt.

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    Hopefully, these questions should help you to navigate some of the critical parts of hiring a deck builder. If you’re searching for a deck builder, trust Decks R Us!