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Getting the Most out of Your Pergola

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Adding a pergola to your deck is a surefire way to set it apart from the rest of the decks in your neighborhood. Pergolas are also great when installed over a patio or seating area in the yard. Not only are they are visually appealing, but they’re also great to hang lights or planters on. However, depending on the angle and intensity of the sun, pergolas may offer very little relief from the summertime heat.

As a solution, we recently began using some retractable canopies and exterior shade curtains. Adding these to your pergola can make it much more effective at keeping out the sun, as well as adding some privacy to your pergola area. Keep reading to find out more!

Retractable Shade Canopies
We have been using retractable shade canopies that mount directly under the pergola framing for several years now. These canopies are made from high quality exterior fabric and aluminum channels. They come in a variety of solid or striped colors, and are custom made to fit your pergola right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These canopies are waterproof, allowing you to enjoy a rainy day from your deck. Additionally, they can be retracted on cooler days when you want the warmth of the sun and opened on warm or wet days when you would like a shady or dry spot to be.

Exterior Shade Curtains
We found these great exterior shade curtains a few years ago and began installing them on our pergolas immediately. They are available in several colors, as well as different levels of transparency. Some completely block out the sun and offer complete privacy, while others allow for some sun to shine through. These curtains are custom made to fit your pergola in Holmes County, Ohio. Most of the curtains we install are raised and lowered manually with a pull chain. However, some of the larger sizes are available with a remote controlled, electric or solar-powered motor to raise and lower the curtain for you.

We have more info and pricing here on our Pergola page – check it out!