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Pergolas and Arbors

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If you are looking for something to set your deck apart from the other decks in your neighborhood a pergola is a great choice. They can also provide a fair amount of shade depending on their configuration. If your new pergola will get a lot of sun, you may want to consider maximising your shade by adding a canopy underneath.

We generaly install 2 types of pergolas, Cedar wood, or Vinyl. Wood pergolas are a good choice for some surrondings, but Vinyl ones are more poular because of their low-maintenance upkeep. Vinyl Pergolas are available in white and tan colors. Canopies can be installed on any kind of pergola, and are available in a wide range of colors.

Much of the cost of a pergola is tied up in the material.

It can make a real difference, for example, how many cross pieces you selected. The more cross pieces you selected, the more shade you’ll have but the more expensive it will be. Less cross pieces means less labor, material, and lower cost… but less shade.

Wood pergolas are almost half the price of a vinyl one but like crew foreman Amos once said, “Do you really want to stain an entire pergola every year? Not to mention you’d be painting upside down.” Owner John explains, “A Pergola will run anywhere between $20 and $25 a square foot. So if you are looking at a 12 by 12 pergola, that’s 144 square feet so that’s a range between $2800 and $3600. That’s in vinyl. You could get the same size pergola in wood between $2000 and $2800 or between $14 and $20 per square foot.

Canopies range in price from $12 to $20 with installation included.

We have lot more information and ideas for pergolas on our Decks with Pergolas page.