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Redecking: Refresh Your Deck Without Replacing

deck before and after restoration

Is your deck losing its luster? If your deck is beginning to show wear and tear, or if it just needs a new look, you can refresh it with Redecking. You don’t need to completely build out a new deck in order to have the results you want. As long as the structure is sound, Redecking can save your deck – and your money.

What is Redecking?
Redecking preserves the original structure of a deck while sprucing it up. If the foundation of a deck is functional, then why waste it! Redecking saves the framing of a deck as long as it’s strong, and keeps decks looking fresh.

Decks can withstand years of bad weather and heavy use, but over time will start to show some common signs of wear that inspire restoration. However, there are other reasons people choose Redecking. For instance, homeowners who renovate their homes are often left with decks that no longer match.

Sometimes even repainting a home or changing features in the landscaping can make a deck look faded or worn by comparison. Some homeowners need to adjust their railings for coverage, or need a little extra room added on – and Redecking is a way to get it done for less.

Redecking Vs Replacing Decks
It’s not always easy to tell whether a deck needs to be simply restored or completely replaced. Often times the deck itself will need to be inspected before making the call. Decks R Us offers this service when we come out to quote, but here are some tips to get you started:

  • Sagging joists
  • Moisture damage
  • Discoloration
  • Fascia bowing
  • Loose boards or fasteners
  • Paint flaking or peeling
  • Raised screws

Generally speaking, if any of these appear in moderation they are salvageable. A typical Redecking project would be suitable to take care of minor water damage or a small section of discoloration. However, when the damage is too severe, or many smaller jobs combined outweigh the cost of simply replacing the deck, it’s a better idea to replace the deck altogether.

When You Must Replace
Keep in mind that there are some instances when replacing your deck is the only option. Over time, weather and use can degrade certain key structural points of a deck. If the deck’s foundation has become unstable, Redecking won’t be enough. To keep homeowners safe, the deck would need to be replaced.

Another aspect to consider, township and city ordinances change over time. So a deck that would have been well within the guidelines ten years ago may no longer be up to code. Navigating local ordinances can be tough, so at Decks R Us we help our clients find what they need while checking their decks.

In addition, when the aim is to significantly alter a deck it would fall under replacing. With changing the shape, height, or foundation of a deck it’s no longer a simple process; and the original structure needs to be redone. So homeowners who would prefer an L-shape deck instead of their current design would need to have their deck replaced.

The Redecking Process
At Decks R Us, we take the time to guide our clients through every step of the Redecking process. Starting from tear-down to clean-up, we keep clients well informed. Here’s an example of how a general Redecking would proceed:

We begin by conducting an inspection on the existing deck. To ensure the Redecking process is viable, the structure needs to be sound. Then, we discuss all the options for resurfacing with the clients to make sure we build exactly what they envision. After the quoting process, we get to work on the deck itself.

We start by removing the surface elements of a deck, for example the railings. We also remove the old steps during Redecking as well, as they are notorious for having hidden wear over time. Steps no longer hold their integrity after removing the flooring and railings, so new steps are always included in our Redecking quotes. After removing the old materials, we’ll even take it off your hands before we leave.

When the deck framing is exposed, we inspect it one more time to ensure its stability. Then, we install blocking, and extra joists. After the floor is set we start on your custom options with the new railings, steps, and fascia trim of your choice. At the end, the transformation is truly a sight.

For more information on Redecking, or if you have questions or comments, give us a call or contact us today!