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“The guys finished the project on Saturday and it looks great”

The guys finished the project on Saturday and it looks great, I am thrilled with the work they did the positive attitude everyone had as they worked through everything. I realize this may be a simple statement but it is important because so many companies fail to do this.
The statement is I got exactly what you promised me, no surprises no issues, even when I had some questions and wanted to make adjustments it was always a can do attitude. Everyone wanted the experience to be perfect.
I can tell you I am a challenge as a customer, slow to make a commitment, not always trusting contractors , sometimes changing my mind but more importantly I can be a pain if I am not getting the service or project I was promised. At no time did I ever have a problem or concern, the guys came prepared, I thought it was great when some of the materials came prebuilt after measurements were taken on location. Everything seems to have fit together perfectly. I think I also made you aware I had an offer to do this project for over $1000.00 less with an earlier start date, again I am thrilled that my wife and I chose to stay the course and keep the project with decks r us.
I asked Elmer to take measurements and ask you to create a quote for a pergola above the extended platform at the end of the deck where the stairs are, I think this would look great. I also asked for him to take measurements for a pergola in the original area we discussed, I am still not convinced we should do the second one but we do need some protection from the sun as the only negative to the deck is how hot it gets now compared to the cedar. I am open to suggestions but am very interested in at a minimum the pergola at the platform and I would like to have an awning installed in it that I can retract. .
Last item , please do not hesitate to use me as a reference you can give any one of my numbers.
Melvin- The project is complete there are no open issues I am aware of please charge my card for the balance of the project. If any minor issues do come up I will reach out to you. I hope to work with your guys on another project after I receive the quote from John.