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Paradise, PA 17562
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“This deck is everything I wanted and more”

Dear John,

     This deck is everything I wanted and more.  It is better than I pictured it, and everything I asked for is there, skillfully done.  I was very impressed by the workman like attitude of Ben and Darren.  They got there, went to work, took a break mid morning, broke for lunch, and all the other times they were working, clearly knowing exactly what to do, and doing it.  Every once in a while Ben would briefly check his clipboard, but clearly that was to double check.  I’m fine with that.  It was very clear they had done all of this before, they understood the quirks of what they were installing, no need to stand there figuring out what to do.  I’m not sure I ever spoke to Darren, but Ben was very polite and friendly, and their attitude was beyond reproach.  I liked that all the tricky stuff was done at the shop, like the staircase, and the precise railings.  Having them here, with the noise of their tools, was to be expected, but it certainly wasn’t like the quiet we are used to, so the fact that they were here, did their jobs efficiently and then left, leaving the work site clean, taking away all the debris was much appreciated.  I have already started recommending your business to my friends.