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“Winter deck building”

Throughout the years, we’ve completed many home improvement projects requiring professional assistance. Without question, our deck building project has been the most satisfying one we’ve undertaken!

We were a bit skeptical when we learned that the deck project agreed to in August would most likely be completed in January or February. And what a February it’s been! Joe, Pappy, and Norm showed up the day after a ten inch snowfall and made short work of our small, fourteen year-old deck. I couldn’t imagine how they were going to dig post holes until I saw the size of the auger on the bobcat. Joe drilled at least ten holes and never hit any of the underground gutter drains that crisscrossed the back yard – sometimes you’re lucky; but being careful sure helped, too.

The next day was the ice storm from “you know where” and it kept the guys away for a day. The following day, they were back at it after removing ice from holes and materials. The following days were single digit mornings that prompted a few extra cups of coffee but no work slowdown.

Joe, Pappy and Norm felt like our extended family. They answered all of our questions and provided us with a new deck that exceeds our expectations. Too bad we had 20 inches of snow two days after it was completed. We’re hoping for an early spring so we can begin to enjoy our new living space.


Thanks once again!