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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Deck This Summer

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Add some shade to your deck. This can be as simple as buying a large umbrella or as complex as adding a roof or pergola. Any way you do it, adding shade will increase the amount of time you spend on your deck.

Add some lighting. Low- voltage lighting can be installed on most existing decks with a little extra work. Solar lighting is the easier, cheaper option, but it can be a bigger hassle over the long haul.

Finish the area under your deck. Adding a patio and a under deck water drainage system will make the space under your deck a great place to hang out on hot summer days.

Add storage area under your deck. Adding some skirting or lattice with access doors around your deck can give you a nice place to store lawn tools, toys, or pool equipment.

Add a gate. This will allow you to turn your deck into an outdoor play area for the kids, by keeping them from falling down the steps. It is also a great way to keep pets contained to the deck.

Add some benches. This can be a great space saver. Benches without backs on them can be pushed up against the railing and will take up a lot less room than chairs.

Add a privacy fence. Maybe the reason you aren’t using your deck that much, is because of a privacy issue. Most deck railings can be retrofitted to accommodate a privacy fence.

Give it a facelift. If you have a wood or composite deck, a good, heavy-duty cleaning, and a fresh coat of stain or protectant, can really improve the look of your deck.

Buy new furniture. Adding new furniture will go a long way towards making your deck a more attractive place to hang out.

Decorate. Treat your deck like a room in your house. There are lots of planters that can be hung on the railings. Many companies offer a large selection of signs, clocks, and planters especially for decks