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Building a Deck Around the Pool? 5 Things to Remember

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The color of your deck matters. Whether you are choosing a synthetic decking color or the color of stain for your wood deck, consider that darker deck floor colors will attract more heat. So, a lighter color will feel cooler to your bare feet.

Choose your deck materials wisely. With the wet conditions around a pool, make sure you choose your deck floor materials with that in mind. A Vinyl decking will definitely stand up to the moisture and chemicals better than any composite or wood decking.

Building Codes are different for pool decks. You may need to install 42 inch high railing, rather than the normal 36 inch height. Additionally, you will need a 42 inch high gate with self-closing hinges and a special pool latch installed at any steps or openings leading from the yard to the pool.

Consider adding lattice. Your pool deck will likely be fairly low to the ground and away from your house a bit, making it an ideal hangout for many kinds of animals. Adding lattice around the bottom will keep most of them out.

Choose hidden fasteners. With all the options in hidden fasteners on the market today, most deck builders will use them to install your deck floor for a small upcharge. This will save many small feet from cuts and splinters as they run across the deck.