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5 Must Have Features For Every Deck

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For a lot of us, our decks have become a quiet place to work and relax. Evenings spent with family and days spent working from home in the sunshine. With the advance of wireless technology, it is easier than ever to work or watch your favorite team from your deck. Since we love when our customers can use their new decks as much as possible, we have some tips for must-have deck features that will allow you to get those most out of your outdoor space.

  1. Low Maintenance materials: There are lots of options available these days for low maintenance decks. Some of the more economical composite decking is only 10%-15% more than the traditional Pressure Treated wood decking. This decking usually comes with a 25 year limited warranty and will never need staining or painting. So all that time you would spend staining & painting over the life of your pressure treated deck, you can now spend relaxing on the deck with your family.
  2. Lighting: Adding low-voltage landscape lighting to your deck can greatly extend the amount of time you spend on the deck in late evenings. We often hear from past customers who did not add lighting, that they wish they had. With the advance of LED technology, landscape lighting is more cost effective and long lasting than ever. We can install this with no need for expensive electrical work. The transformer that powers the lights, plugs into an existing outlet. And we run the wires through the deck framing or railing for a seamless install.
  3. Grill or Outdoor Kitchen: This one seems pretty obvious. A good quality grill on it’s own or incorporated into an outdoor kitchen, will allow you to prepare tasty food all while enjoying the company of family and friends. 
  4. Quality Furniture: There are unending options when it comes to outdoor furniture these days. And good quality furniture may not be cheap, but it is a good investment if you are looking to maximize your outdoor living experience.
  5. Firepits: Definitely my favorite deck feature. It’s hard to find a more relaxing way to spend time outdoors, than sitting around a fire. Not to mention that you can make s’mores without ever leaving your deck chair.

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