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Above Ground Pool Deck Ingenuity with Low Maintenance Materials

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We’ve built countless above ground pool decks over the years and we wanted to give you some of the key details on how we’re exercising creativity, best practices, and superior products, to create the above ground pool deck of this client’s dreams.

How Did We Build this Small Deck for an Above Ground Pool?
We built this above ground pool deck by digging holes and putting in concrete footers. We then buried #1 grade pressure treated Southern Pine 6X6 posts into the ground. This is an important detail because pressure treated lumber is designed to ward off termites, microorganisms, and fungal decay. It does so with a chemical treatment of Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), Copper Azole, (CA), or Micro ionized Copper Azole (MCA).

In fact, many ground-contact woods have double the preservatives as above-ground products. Since these chemicals are forced deep into the wood, this deck structure will last 20 years or more.

We then attached 2×12 for all support beams to frame the simple pool deck. Each support beam or girder is also made from leveled #1-grade pressure treated lumber. It was assembled part way around the pool. It was then affixed to the level rim joist to ensure the deck was structurally sound.

Azek Creates Durable Above Ground Pool Decks
We then notched the corners of Azek decking, a PVC product that doesn’t require sanding, painting, or staining. This environmentally friendly product is made from recycled materials. It’s lighter than other deck materials and since all plastic decking material made from polyvinyl chloride, a man-made resin that is made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride, it’s extremely durable.

Step treads and step strings were created and affixed to the deck frame with nail guns and screws.

The pressure treated 6×6 posts were cut to the proper height and then we ran wood along the ground to allow us to wrap the brown Azek deck skirting. This skirting was installed vertically to give it a board and batten look with ½” gaps for ventilation.

Superior Systems white vinyl railing was then used to create the balusters and spindles, hand rail and top rail.

Each of the deck boards consist of Azek decking, installed grain side up, so the customer could feel the texture on his bare feet. Then, the plastic decking was installed with hidden fasteners to keep feet from getting tore up by screws or protrusions.

The deck boards were cut with a miter saw and then connected with a high-quality hidden fastener, two per joist, and spaced not to exceed 16 inches on center.

This Azek deck will experience little expansion and contraction unless there is a dramatic change in temperature.

Although wood will expand and contract with the temperature changes, we eliminated unnecessary expansion and contraction problems by fastening the deck boards as quickly as possible after cutting and secured it with hidden fasteners within ½ of the end of each board.

We also left a small gap between the deck boards for expansion.

The Amish deck builders also checked with local code authorities to see if the infrastructure required double joisting. We ensured that the joists were level because Azek decking forms to the substructure’s contour.

This Azek decking is a darker English Walnut color and should be advised that darker colors will absorb more heat in from sun and darker colors may increase the movement and contraction of the floor.

Still this structure will remain low maintenance and easy-to-clean and comes with a 30-year fade and stain warranty.

This customer’s above ground pool deck will never require painting, staining, or sanding. It’s made from an extraordinarily strong product that adds value and beauty to the home, resists stains, scratches, mildew, mold, and insects, and is guaranteed against cracking, cupping, splitting, warping, and other problems that often plague inferior decking materials

Finally, we installed post top lights to illuminate the pool during evening swims and ultimately created an above ground pool with deck where kids can jump off and enjoy the summer sun without cutting their feet on nails, getting splinters or tripping over boards that have lifted from the substructure.

How Much Does an Above Ground Deck Cost?
Many factors impact price.
Quality materials cost more than inferior materials, but the quality of the materials impact both the price and longevity of your project.

Size, materials, design, and options impact above ground pool deck costs.

That’s why this customer chose Azek for his above ground swimming pool. He valued a product that’s designed to last. In this instance Azek is a higher priced product, which runs about 40% more than a pressure treated wood deck boards.

Since we don’t use 2x10s for all beams or low-quality lumber for framing the price is higher than deck construction builders that work with subpar materials for pool decks.

However, we didn’t charge the client extra for hidden fasteners or covering the wood framing with fascia trim.

Many of our smaller above ground pool decks cost in the range of $8,000 to $9,000 for an economical and low maintenance deck with plenty of space, or $17,500 to $19,500 for a low maintenance above ground pool deck with custom options.

Some customers choose to spend upwards of $30,000 to $34,000 to get an above ground pool deck with many custom options and abundant space that is created out of low-maintenance materials.

This deck has stairs and steps which increased the price as they are labor intensive to create.

However, all decks, homes and terrains are different, so it is important to get a hassle-free, complimentary quote to figure out how much your nice above ground pool with deck will cost.