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Creating an Outdoor Living Space Under Your Deck

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Lots of times, the area under a second story deck can be an awkward, unused area and, at worst, an eyesore. The grass doesn’t grow properly, and it is always kind of wet and muddy. However, it’s easy to turn this under-deck area into a great outdoor living space, or a garage or storage space! Keep reading to find out more.

Under Deck Roofing

There are several kinds of “roofing” systems that can be installed under the deck framing to use the deck as a roof and keep the area dry. From there, you can add a patio, retaining walls, privacy screens, lights, ceiling fans, etc. to transform the space into an extension of your basement. You can even frame it in and add screens for a three-season type of room.

When considering “roofing” for under your deck, consider a rubber, waterproof option. This type of system installs on the top of the deck framing before the deck floor is installed. So, if your deck is already existing, this is not a good option. There are several other systems that install on the bottom of the deck framing, though, and these can be added to existing deck.

With some pre-planning, you can do this project in several steps to stay within your budget. Have your deck builder install the ceiling/roofing on the deck as the first step. Then, when you are ready, you can have someone install a patio. After that, you can add walls, screens, and electricity anytime if you like.

Under Deck Garage or Storage Space

If you are short on garage or storage space, you can utilize your under-deck area for that instead. Have your deck builder install ceiling/roofing, pour a concrete floor, and close in the walls with siding to match your deck or your house. Add a few lights and a switch, and you will have a great storage area with a cheaper price tag than a new shed or garage. If need be, you can easily build a wooden ramp to connect to your garage or shed. Then, you’ll be able to get your equipment in and out of the space with ease.

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