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Spice Up Your Deck with Cable Railing

brown deck with wire railing

If you would like to give your deck a modern feel, or you want something different to set it apart from the others in your neighborhood, cable railing is just what you need. While this railing has been popular in certain circles for a long time, it’s popularity is exploding nationwide. A huge benefit to the cable railing is that you won’t have you view blocked off like you do with most traditional deck railings. They also give the deck a much more open feel, which helps the deck seem larger than it really is.

We have used several different cable railing systems on our decks, but the best one is the American Cable Railing system. This system is manufactured right here in Lancaster county by our friends at Keylink Fencing & Railing. They have developed a unique way of feeding the cable through the posts, eliminating the need to stop and start the cables at every corner of the deck. This saves us a large amount of installation time and eliminates a lot of expensive parts. Which means in the end, you get a better looking, and less expensive cable railing.

The American system uses their powder-coated aluminum posts and top rails, they are available in several different colors. We often add a flat deckboard on top of the railing, this gives the railing a nice finished look as well as providing a convenient spot to set down a drink, phone, etc. You can find more info on our Cable Railing page, or you can contact us for a free consultation.