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Featured Decks of 2023

At the end of each year, we love looking back and reminiscing about our favorite projects; unique deck designs, relationships built with clients, and outdoor living spaces we helped bring to fruition. We have been building decks in the Lancaster County, PA and Tri-State area for decades, and we are still surprised by the ideas our customers suggest. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite deck projects from 2023. 

Trex Island Mist Deck in Chester County, PA

This Chester County, PA client pulled out all the stops with this covered deck. They chose to build a large deck with an a-frame roof featuring wood paneling, a ceiling fan, and a wood-burning fireplace. By hanging a TV over the fireplace, they have created the perfect place to enjoy the game or have a family movie night even on cold winter nights.

  • Decking Material: Trex Island Mist decking with Lava Rock border
  • Railings: White vinyl railings with Trex drink rails on top
  • Ceiling: Pre-finished wood

Azek American Walnut Deck in Bucks County, PA

This second-story deck in Bucks County, PA features a pergola and bartop railing that provides a comfortable place to enjoy a beverage in the shade. We love working with our customers to create unique outdoor living spaces that perfectly fit their needs. For this project, we went with Azek’s low-maintenance decking so this family could use their deck in all seasons with minimum upkeep. We also utilized step and cap lights to provide a safe space for intimate nighttime gatherings.

  • Deck: Azek American Walnut decking
  • Railing: White vinyl rails, black aluminum balusters, and bartop feature
  • Pergola: White vinyl
  • Posts & Beams: White vinyl
  • Lighting: Step lights & cap lights

Azek English Walnut Deck in York, PA

For this York County deck project, we had a blast helping the family come up with something creative in the small space they had to work with. We went with a custom Azek deck with stone pillar accents and a curved front. This custom design gives the homeowner more room on the deck, without taking up too much space in their smaller yard. Azek decking is the perfect option for homes in Central Pennsylvania, an area prone to steep temperature changes and high humidity. Azek also stays cooler than other deck materials, making it the perfect choice for summertime to keep your pets and bare feet nice and cool.

  • Deck: Azek English Walnut
  • Deck Style: Curved front
  • Railings: TimberTech Radiance black rails
  • Steps: Curved
  • Pillars: Stone

Azek Brownstone Deck in Delaware County, PA

When this family in Delaware County, PA reached out to us with their idea we couldn’t wait to get started. A large, second-story deck was installed that wraps around the building, along with a tunnel slide for a kid-friendly, entertaining way to reach the backyard. To add an extra element of safety, we installed lockable gates to the top of the slide and steps. Azek decking comes in a wide variety of colors, so we were able to closely match the decking to the existing structure.

  • Deck: Azek Brownstone
  • Railings: Deck matching custom railings
  • Slide: Tunnel slide with lockable gate safety feature

Azek American Walnut Deck in Bucks County, PA

This deck project in Bucks County, PA completely reimagined the family’s outdoor living space. We worked with them to create a backyard getaway complete with a fire ring, a built-in grill with storage, and an under-deck seating area. During this project, we installed a water-catching and routing system to prevent water from leaking through the deck and onto the client’s patio underneath. This system ensures our client can use their patio even when it’s raining. Rain or shine, night or day, this family can enjoy quality time outdoors.

  • Deck: Azek American Walnut decking
  • Railing: White vinyl rails & black aluminum balusters
  • Drink Rails: Matching American walnut drink rails
  • Underdeck: Water routing system

Are you ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level with a custom deck? Contact us today for a complimentary quote, our skilled team of Lancaster County craftsmen would love to speak with you.