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Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance Basics

Neglecting to perform regular maintenance is an easy way to ruin your deck. Here are some deck maintenance basics that you don't want to skip over! ...

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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Your deck is finally finished and now it’s time to put it in use. However, you don’t want to only be able to relax on your deck during the day; you’ll want to use it at night, too! This is where deck lighting comes into play. Lighting up your deck can really take the space ...

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Deck Materials: A Breakdown

The materials you select to build your deck will influence the look and vibe of your outdoor space. Make sure the design is compatible with the style, colors, and era of your home. Additionally, the materials you select for the deck will influence the appearance of your home. As you work out the budget and ...

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Experience

We love to hear stories from our clients about how much they love their decks. Our goal always is to build an outdoor living spot that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. So with that in mind, we came up with a list of 6 things you can do to ...

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Getting the Most out of Your Pergola

Adding a pergola to your deck is a surefire way to set it apart from the rest of the decks in your neighborhood. Pergolas are also great when installed over a patio or seating area in the yard. Not only are they are visually appealing, but they’re also great to hang lights or planters on. ...

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4 Important Deck Safety Checks

We get many calls every year from people who want to know if their existing decks are still safe to use. Whether you are getting ready to sell your house, looking at buying a house, or just want to know if it’s safe to continue using your deck until your budget allows for an upgrade, ...

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Eco-Friendly Building: Sustainability in Deck Design

Amish deck builders may be the original environmental architects. Amish value the community’s welfare and live in harmony with nature. Decks R Us is an Amish-owned company of deck builders that are committed to doing business ethically, are focused on Lean Manufacturing, and work with suppliers like Culpeper Wood Preserves, Azek, J. Gibson Mcllvain Company, ...

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8 Stylish Covered Patio and Deck Ideas

Covered patio or deck designs enhance open-air living experiences and increase the time people spend outdoors. As such it continues to be a popular homeowner investment. As more buyers are clamoring for alfresco dining, entertaining, and family time, they search for local artisans to craft their vision. Covered Deck Ideas to ConsiderCraftsmen create outdoor living ...

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16 Unique Deck Design Ideas That Boost Home Value

Deck designs are aesthetically pleasing and create a better space for homeowners while adding major value to the home. Here are some design ideas. ...

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How a Pergola on a Deck Completely Transforms Your Outdoor Space

A pergola on a deck is a simple outdoor structure that blurs the boundary between inside and out while providing overhead shade. This addition is great for families who want to be outside during peak sun times without scorching. The canopy and rafters minimize sunlight for a few hours each day. The space and size ...