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Using Your Summer Deck Upgrade to Showcase Your Personal Style

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How much time did you spend contemplating your summer garden display? If you’re like the typical homeowner, probably a significant amount. Regardless of your preference for flower and plant type or color scheme, you likely considered a range of options before making your final selection. After framing it this way, why should brainstorming deck railing ideas be any different? After all, your sense of personal style is one that should permeate your home, inside and out! Further, why not compliment the traditional or modern tone you’ve set on the former by matching it with an upgraded deck railing enhancement?

Read on to learn how you can balance your current look with a wood deck railing, wire deck railing, or other array of options!

Weighing Ideas: Aluminum Versus Composite Deck Railings

If you’re a fan of the classic wooden deck railing appeal, but not so much when it comes to ongoing maintenance or wear and tear, composite materials might be the perfect choice for you! Engineered to look like real wood, thanks to being crafted from high-performance materials, this selection comes equipped with no need for frequent upkeep. This is also the right option if you aren’t one to spend time on weekends cleaning over entertaining family and friends.

Another member of the low-maintenance category, aluminum railings are a great choice for your home deck upgrade. A bonus for those taken with a more modern design template is the ability to choose from a range of customized options, including curved, rod, or cocktail railings.

What’s more? A powder finish coats and protects your investment from typical wear and tear for years after making an initial commitment. Regardless of which options you select, you and your family are sure to enjoy countless hours on the deck season after season.

Additional Considerations: Modern Wire Deck Railings or a Timeless Wooden Charm

Pristine. Elegant. If these are two words that you feel describe the inside of your home, why not extend this to the outdoors? Both steel and aluminum cables offer an ability to conceal potentially unsightly mounting screws, which culminate in a seamless look that is sure to impress you and your guests.

If you have a beautiful, wide open view, cable railing might be the perfect solution for your deck upgrade. Other selections present challenges in terms of concealing protruding hardware from the sides of your deck or outdoor staircase, by comparison. On top of this, cable deck railing provides a modern solution for those taken with more recent home décor styles.

There’s also nothing wrong with choosing a timeless type of deck railing, such as a wooden option. This is the most commonly sought railing for a reason; as it is able to make a wide variety of homes look their best with a simple improvement.

Another added bonus with respect to using this as a means to express your personal style preferences is the ability to dream, develop, sketch and modify your own patterns and designs into ornate masterpieces!

Aspects to Consider

Patterns – you can typically design your own, opt for a classic design like a sunburst or “pretzel” decoration

Cost – expect to pay more as the type of design you create grows more ornate and complicated

Vinyl – this is a popular alternative to wood, should you decide that the latter is not for you.

Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that the team of professionals at Decks R Us will help to make the process simple. To help you feel confident, we have compiled feedback from our previous customers so you can learn more about what it’s like to work with us for your summer deck enhancement project, or other deck-related services. Our professional staff can help you decide which offerings make sense for your plans, vision and budget.

Why wait? Weigh your options while discovering what our clients have to say about their quality engineered and natural stone veneers. You can also check out additional ideas that are the perfect match for your personality on our blog!