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Why You Should Choose Vinyl Deck Railings

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Vinyl Deck Railings

You probably drive by dozens of decks and porches during your daily commute. If you were to pay close attention to the railings on each of them, it’s likely that you will see most of them have some type of vinyl deck railing. It is by far the most popular of all exterior railing choices. One of the big reasons for this railing’s popularity is that you never need to paint or stain it. The durable vinyl has a lifetime warranty for color and structure. Price is another reason. Compared to other synthetic railings like fiberglass or aluminum, vinyl railings are very affordable.

There are many different brands of vinyl deck railing available, in a range of prices and options. But they are all pretty similar in size, shape, and color. For instance, almost all use a 4X4 post size and 2X4 railing size, with some type of T shaped top railing. They are usually available in white, tan & clay colors. The only negative that I can think of for this railing is that it only comes in a few colors. That makes it hard to customize and set your deck or porch apart from the rest of your neighborhood. We do build a lot of vinyl deck railing using aluminum spindles though, and that can add some flair to your deck. See our Vinyl Deck Railing page for more info on these railings.