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Custom Vinyl Deck Railings

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Can I get deck railings to match my deck floor exactly? This is a question we often hear from prospective clients. Most manufacturer’s of vinyl (PVC) decking do not make a railing that matches their deck colors. Some clients needed their deck floor and railings to match because of their HOA. Some really like the railing and floor matching for aesthetic reasons. So about 5 years ago, we put our Lancaster County craftsmen to work figuring out a way to build a great-looking, long-lasting, deck railing to match the decking that we use. We came up with a great custom deck railing that can be built using the ½ thick fascia trim that all vinyl (PVC) decking manufacturers sell to match their decking

Pairing these railings with powder coated aluminum spindles, in black, bronze, or white, is the most common style. But we can manufacture matching 2” square spindles for them as well. Keep in mind that this style of railing will be more expensive than the normal vinyl deck railings. Given the amount of materials and labor needed to build them.

You can learn more about our railing options here, or contact us to learn more about our custom options.