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Azek deck, decks, vinyl decks, low maintenance decks, deck railings
Prepping Your Deck For Summer Fun & Relaxation.

Prepping Your Deck For Summer Fun & Relaxation

If you are like my family, we spend a lot of time outdoors on our deck and in our backyard. So we are looking forward to the coming spring season, anticipating lots of campfires, smores, and chilling on the deck. But before all that, we need to make sure that the deck is clean and ...

Azek deck, decks, vinyl decks, low maintenance decks, deck railings

Equipping Your Deck for Year Round Use

You may be able to relate to the millions of households that have become more acquainted with creative ways to decorate or revise your home during 2020. One of the most popular ways to do so has certainly been revisiting options when it comes to maximizing your time outdoors, with deck and porch additions taking ...

Power washing a deck.

Reveal Your Deck’s Inner Beauty by Power Washing This Summer!

Spending the past few weeks getting acquainted with keeping ourselves occupied while indoors, it’s no wonder so many of us are considering how to make the most of our outdoor living space this summer! Whether you own a cherry, maple, oak, cedar or pine wooden deck, you might start to notice signs of wear as ...

deck before and after restoration

Redecking: Refresh Your Deck Without Replacing

Is your deck losing its luster? If your deck is beginning to show wear and tear, or if it just needs a new look, you can refresh it with Redecking. You don’t need to completely build out a new deck in order to have the results you want. As long as the structure is sound, ...

Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance Basics

Neglecting to perform regular maintenance is an easy way to ruin your deck. Here are some deck maintenance basics that you don't want to skip over! ...

Before and After Deck Construction

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Deck

A lot of deck builders, including us, sell people on upgrading their current decks from the old wood floor & railing to new Vinyl decking & railing. We call this process “Re-decking”. This can save you some money by re-using the existing deck framing, posts and footers. It can however present some challenges since your ...

deck before and after restoration

5 Reasons Why You Should Redo Your Deck in Fall/Winter

If your current deck needs a facelift, if you’re tired of pulling splinters from your kid’s feet, or worrying about them falling off the deck due to unsafe railings, we can help. If you are happy with the size and shape of your deck, and it is less than 15 years old, we should be ...

Azek, decks, vinyl decks, low maintenance decks, deck railings, deck

The Best Ways to Ruin Your Deck

As part of my job, I am the warranty service and deck repair guy. So I get to see a lot of decks, some that we have built and some we haven’t. I’ve noticed a few common mistakes people make that can easily ruin the look of their deck. So here are three things to ...

Azek, decks, vinyl decks, low maintenance decks, deck railings, deck

Getting Your Deck Ready for Summer

I know as a deck builder I shouldn’t admit this, but I never seem to get around to giving my deck a good cleaning before winter arrives, So if you are like me, when spring finally comes, and the snow melts off your deck, it needs a serious cleaning.If you own a pressure washer, this ...