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Gazebo vs Pergola: What’s Best for Your Deck?

As you are designing and building your dream deck, you might consider adding a roof over your whole deck for some extra shade or protection from rain. It’s a costly addition but well worth it for the right family. But what if you’d like to spend a little less money? Or perhaps you’d like to keep part of your deck exposed and part of it covered? Adding a gazebo or pergola package is the answer. Depending on size, both should be cheaper than extending your roof over the deck but still provide some great benefits. Read on to learn the difference between a deck gazebo and pergola, and which option is best for you.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a freestanding, open structure with a roof that’s used for entertaining outdoors. They typically have 6 or 8 posts positioned in a hexagonal or octagonal pattern but can be designed however you’d like. They can be constructed out of wood, composite, or metal.

Pros & Cons of Deck Gazebos

One of the biggest benefits of a deck gazebo over a pergola include protection from sunlight. In a light rainfall, you can keep dry underneath the closed roof. For added protection, you could add a screen and keep the bugs out and the breeze flowing. Lastly, you could wire electricity to mount a ceiling fan and/or overhead lights.

Some disadvantages of gazebos are that they can be harder to maintain. You’ll need to keep an eye on the shingles for damage and occasionally clean them. They are also more expensive to build than pergolas. Finally, you’ll need to worry about drainage from the rainfall. Either install a gutter or make sure the ground around the gazebo flows properly.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an open, outdoor structure of horizontally aligned beams attached to 4 posts. They are typically made of wood but could also be made of composite materials. They can be free-standing or attached to an exterior wall of your house.

Pros & Cons of Deck Pergolas

Some advantages of pergolas over gazebos include their cost. You’ll be spending significantly less on a pergola because it’s essentially just a frame without a roof. They still provide shade but less than a gazebo. One big benefit for gardeners is that you can grow some beautiful climbing plants on your pergola.

The biggest con for pergolas is that the open top doesn’t protect you from the rain. Because of that, you also can’t run electricity unless you waterproof all of the equipment. You also can’t screen in a pergola to keep the bugs out, as they’ll just enter in through the open roof.

Add a Gazebo or Pergola to Your Deck Today

Does a gazebo or pergola seem like the perfect addition to your deck? Talk with the experts at Decks R Us today. We’ll explain everything you need to know about deck coverings and help you design the perfect gazebo or pergola for your deck. Contact us today.